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Clean and Hygienic Environment

A great procedure starts with a clean and hygienic salon environment. The salon should have sanitized foot baths, clean tools, and a tidy workstation to ensure your safety and overall well-being.

Personalized Attention

A professional pedicurist will provide personalized attention and take the time to understand your specific foot care needs and also preferences. They will ask about any concerns that you may have and do the procedure accordingly.

Foot Soaking and Exfoliation

A great foot pedicure typically begins with a nice and relaxing foot soak to properly soften the skin and prepare your feet for the whole procedure. The pedicurist will then exfoliate your feet properly to remove all old skin parts and calluses, leaving the skin smooth and nice.

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Manicure Solutions

Our services and prices are listed below.


Manicure Design

per nail 10 AED

50 AED

per nail 20 AED

100 AED

per nail 10 AED

50 AED

per nail 15 AED

70 AED
Nail & *Add-ons

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Nail Care

We provide the following services


In our beauty studio, you can get your perfect French manicure done by top-tier specialists.

Gel and ombre

Ombre creates a smooth transition of colors from one to another. This gradient effect gives a subtle and sophisticated look that's not too flashy but still catches the eye.

Gel polish

Gel nail polish boasts remarkable resilience, comfortably outlasting regular polish without the unsightly chips, or fading.

Nail polish

For special events or occasions, such as weddings, parties, or photoshoots, a salon visit ensures that your nails look flawless and well-coordinated with your overall look.

Acrylic nails

Acrylic nails are renowned for their tenacity and robustness. Unlike their natural counterparts, they evade brittleness and chips, affording enduring elegance.

Nail design

For special events or occasions, such as weddings, parties, or photoshoots, a salon visit ensures that your nails look flawless and well-coordinated with your overall look.

Step into a world of ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation at our pedicure salon, your premier destination for exquisite pedicure services in Dubai. Nestled in the heart of the city, our luxurious salon promises to elevate your foot care experience to new heights.

We’re always glad to welcome new clients, and we’re happy to see our regular clients who come back to get our care. We’re doing our best to make our clients happy with the careful treatment and our high-quality service that guarantees satisfying results. In our beauty salon, you can just relax – you’re going to love the result!

What Makes A Great Pedicure?

Recognizing the best pedicure in Dubai is vital to ensure you receive a satisfying and enjoyable foot care experience with excellent results. Here are some key indicators to understand that a procedure is great:

Cuticle Care and Good Nail Shaping

During a great pedicure, the cuticles around your toenails will be gently pushed back and carefully trimmed, and your toenails will be shaped neatly and evenly.

Skillful Nail Polishing

If you want to have your toenails painted, a great pedicure involves skillful nail polishing with clean, precise lines and nice application of the best color or design.

Massage and Moisturization

A soothing foot and calf massage are typically included in the best pedicure in Dubai. The pedicurist will use special moisturizing lotions or special oils to hydrate and also nourish your skin, promoting nice relaxation and helping good blood circulation.

Attention to Detail

A great pedicure involves proper attention to detail, such as ensuring that all rough edges are smoothed, and also no nail polish smudges are left behind. The pedicurist will strive for perfection in every aspect of the treatment.

Recommendations and Aftercare

A professional pedicurist will offer helpful recommendations for foot care and also maintenance between visits. They may suggest suitable foot creams or products to keep your feet and toenails looking and feeling amazing.

Clean and Well-Maintained Feet

After a great procedure, your feet should feel fresh, clean, and revitalized. The skin should be soft, and your toenails should be nicely trimmed and polished.

Overall Relaxation and Enjoyment

A great foot care should be a soothing and overall enjoyable procedure. You should leave the salon feeling your best – pampered, well-refreshed, and content with the quality of service you received.

Who needs a good pedicure in Dubai regularly?

Regular pedicures are beneficial for various individuals who seek to maintain healthy, nice-looking and also well-groomed feet and also promote overall foot health. Here are some individuals who can benefit from getting a good pedicure:

  • Working people. People with demanding jobs that require prolonged periods of standing or walking can benefit from regular procedures. A good pedicure helps relieve foot fatigue, soothes sore muscles, and also reduces the risk of developing foot-related issues;

  • Athletes and Active Individuals. Sportsmen and individuals who engage in regular physical activities may experience foot stress and strain. Regular procedures can provide relief, prevent calluses and blisters, and keep their feet in the best condition;

  • Diabetic Patients. Diabetic patients are more prone to foot complications due to poor circulation and nerve damage. Regular pedicures from a trained professional can help monitor and maintain their foot health, reducing the risk of various infections and other foot-related issues;

  • Individuals with Foot Conditions. People with foot conditions like bunions, corns, and ingrown toenails can benefit from nice pedicures. A skilled pedicurist can address these issues with proper care and recommend suitable treatments;

  • Those with Dry or Cracked Skin. Regular procedures help keep the skin on your feet well-moisturized and prevent dryness or cracking, which can lead to serious discomfort and potential infections;

  • Individuals Who Wear Tight or High-Heeled Shoes. People who frequently wear tight or high-heeled shoes may experience foot pain and discomfort. Regular feet care can provide relief and promote foot relaxation;

  • Elderly Individuals. As we age, foot health becomes even more crucial. Regular pedicures can help to keep proper foot hygiene, prevent lots of issues, and provide a relaxing experience for elderly individuals;

  • Individuals Preparing for Special Occasions. Before special events, such as weddings or vacations, getting a good pedicure in Dubai can ensure your feet look and feel amazing, enhancing your overall looks and boosting your confidence;

  • Those Who Enjoy Self-Care. Regular pedicure procedures can be a vital part of a self-care routine, promoting good relaxation and also reducing stress;

  • Anyone Looking for Healthy and Attractive Feet. Ultimately, anyone who wants to maintain healthy, attractive, and well-groomed feet and toenails can benefit from regular procedures.

Why Choose Our Pedicure Salon?

We’re doing our best to stand out, so you can always be sure that you’re receiving the high-quality service that you deserve. Here’s why we are the best:

  • Skilled Pedicure Artists. Our talented pedicure technicians are dedicated to providing top-notch services, combining skill with an eye for detail to ensure outstanding results;

  • Premium Products. We use only the finest quality foot care products that are gentle on your skin, enhancing the longevity of your pedicure in Dubai and promoting foot health;

  • Hygiene & Cleanliness. Your well-being is our top priority. We maintain the highest standards of hygiene, sanitation, and sterilization to provide a safe and worry-free experience;

  • Serene Ambience. Step into our tranquil salon, thoughtfully designed to create a peaceful oasis where you can unwind and escape the stresses of daily life;

  • Personalized Attention. We listen to your needs and all your preferences, tailoring our services to ensure that your pedicure experience aligns perfectly with your desires.

At our Pedicure in Dubai, we believe that happy feet lead to a happy soul. Book your appointment today and immerse yourself in the soothing world of foot pampering and serenity, enjoying a great pedicure for a great price. We look forward to indulging your senses and providing you with the best pedicure experience in Dubai – because you deserve it.

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