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The number of natural hair follicles on your head is largely determined by your genetics. If you have genetically fewer hair follicles, your natural hair might appear thin because there are fewer strands covering your scalp.

Fine Hair Texture

Hair texture usually refers to the natural thickness or width of individual hair strands. If you happen to have fine hair, then your natural hair strands are narrower in diameter. Fine hair usually looks noticeably thinner when compared to coarse or visibly thick hair.

Hair Loss or Thinning

Hair loss (balding or thinning) can occur due to various factors, such as aging, hormonal changes, medical conditions (like alopecia), stress, and also nutritional deficiencies. When hair strands fall out or become finer, it can result in a less dense appearance.

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A perfect haircut for straight hair can completely transform your appearance.


Hair ombre allows for a high degree of personalization. You can choose the colors that match your style and personality.


Hair keratin treatment in Dubai can transform the lool of your hair, making it pretty, healthy, and well-groomed.

One of the most significant aspects of beauty is thick, healthy hair – you can see plenty of models and celebrities with amazing hair volume almost daily. Meanwhile, not everyone has naturally voluminous hair – and that’s why you might need specific hair thickening treatment.

Hair thickening improves your life completely and boosts your confidence the way nothing else can. Effective hair thickening treatment can easily make your locks look like you’re straight from a beauty salon at any moment of your life. Doesn’t it sound like a dream?

Why does it look thin?

Thin hair is hard to fix, but it’s possible – you just need to find out the reasons for it first. If you constantly feel like your natural hair lacks volume, then there might be one or multiple reasons for that from the list below.

Hair Damage

Damage from excessive and regular heat styling, chemical treatments (like dyeing or perms), and also rough handling can weaken your hair strands. It can also lack volume because it’s more susceptible to breakage and may also have split ends.

Styling Choices

Certain hairstyles and styling choices can make it look thinner. For example, tightly pulled-back hairstyles like tight ponytails or braids can flatten the hair against the scalp. Similarly, parting your hair in a way that exposes the scalp can make it seem less voluminous.

Product Buildup

Overusing hair products, such as gels, waxes, or heavy styling sprays, can leave residue on your hair. This buildup can significantly weigh down your strands, making it seem visibly flat and thin. Regularly clarifying or cleansing your hair can help remove this residue.


Environmental factors like constant exposure to sun, wind, and also pollution can also strongly affect the look of your hair. Sun damage, in particular, can eventually make your hair look dull and less vibrant, which can also contribute to the perception of thinness.

Understanding these factors can help you choose the right strategies and products to address hair thinness based on the specific causes in your case.

How do regular hair thickening products work?

When looking for effective hair care products, you can find plenty of solutions claiming to fix your problem once and forever. Meanwhile, hair thickening cosmetics claiming to provide immediate results can only change the way your pretty hair looks without actually changing its structure. Sometimes it’s enough, though.

Coating the Hair

Hair thickening products tend to contain polymers, proteins, or other substances that adhere to the surface of each hair strand. These coatings add a layer of thickness to your locks, making them appear fuller. This is a temporary effect and washes out with your next shampoo.

Expanding the Hair Shaft

Some products have specific ingredients like cellulose or microfibers that attach to the hair and increase its diameter. These small particles bulk up each strand, giving the illusion of thicker hair. These particles are meant to stay in place until you wash your hair.

Root Lift

To create more volume at the roots, many hair thickening products tend to contain things like polymers or resins that provide lift and support at the hair’s base. This creates a lifting effect, making the hairstyle look thicker and way fuller at the roots.

Oil Absorption

Oily hair can also look flat and pretty thin. Thickening hair care products might incorporate oil-absorbing ingredients such as clay or silica. These materials soak up excess oil on the skin.

Strengthening the Hair

Some products contain natural proteins, amino acids, and vitamins that temporarily strengthen the hair strands. This can visibly reduce breakage and damage, making your natural hair appear thicker because it maintains its full length and doesn’t break as easily.

Styling Support

Hair thickening products can also serve as styling aids. They make your hair more manageable and can hold styles better. By maintaining the shape and structure of your hair.

Color and Texture Enhancement

Certain products are specifically designed to enhance hair color and texture. For example, color-enhancing shampoos can deposit small amounts of color pigment onto the hair.

Why is it hard to achieve thicker hair at home?

At home, you have access to over-the-counter hair care products, but salons have a huge range of specialized, professional products that are simply made for fixing specific issues. These salon-grade products can deliver better results in terms of hair thickness and volume.

Professional Expertise

Salon stylists and beauty gurus are trained and experienced in various techniques to make hair appear thicker. They understand the right products and methods to use, and they can tailor their approach to your specific hair type and needs. Achieving the same results at home without this expertise can be challenging.

Complex Treatments

Some popular hair-thickening treatments, like hair extensions, keratin procedures, and advanced coloring techniques, require a high level of skill and experience. Attempting these complex treatments at home without the necessary training and tools can lead to unsatisfactory results or even hair damage.

Risk of Damage

Styling techniques that aim to make hair appear thicker can sometimes damage your hair if not done correctly. This risk is higher when attempting complex treatments at home. Overusing products or applying them incorrectly can lead to hair breakage or other issues.

Consistency and Maintenance

Achieving and maintaining the appearance of thicker hair often requires a consistent regimen of care, including regular salon appointments for touch-ups and maintenance. Home care may not offer the same level of consistency or professional guidance.

Hair Type Variability

Salon professionals can check your natural hair type and offer methods and products specifically tailored to your needs, which can be hard to determine on your own.

In summary, while there are products and methods you can use on your own at home to make your hair appear thicker, achieving salon-quality results is challenging due to the specialized products, professional expertise, and complex treatments available at lux salons. Home care may also carry a risk of damage if not done correctly, and maintaining amazing results can be more challenging without professional guidance.

Salon treatments that can actually thicken your hair

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions involve adding extra hair to your existing strands. These extensions can be made from human or synthetic hair. They are attached to your own hair, adding both length and volume. The result is an immediate and noticeable increase in hair thickness. Hair extensions tend to last for multiple weeks before they need maintenance or removal.

Keratin Treatments

While they don’t achieve thickening your hair, they can improve the overall health and condition of your hair. By reducing unpleasant frizz and making your hair way less likely to break, keratin treatments can make your hair look thicker and more vibrant.

Color and Highlights

Adding color or some highlights to your color can create the believable illusion of thicker locks. Lighter streaks or contrasting shades can add depth and dimension to your hair. This visually adds volume to your locks.

Perms and Texturizing

Perms and texturizing treatments change the shape of your hair. By introducing curls, waves, or additional texture, your hair can appear thicker and more voluminous. These changes in hair structure can be temporary or semi-permanent, depending on the treatment.

Hair Fiber Sprays

Quality beauty salons use hair fiber sprays that can contain tiny, hair-like fibers. These fibers can adhere to your existing hair locks and also create the illusion of thickening your hair. They are particularly effective at concealing areas of thinning hair or bald spots.

In our beauty salon, you can quickly get the most effective hair thickening treatment in Dubai. Make your hairstyle look like you belong to movie screens and red carpets!

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