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Sleek, Smooth Finish

One of the most common reasons is the ability of flat irons to easily add a sleek, smooth finish. Many women love the polished and elegant appearance that straightened hair provides, enhancing their overall look.


Flat irons are incredibly versatile tools that can be used for a wide range of hairstyles. From perfectly straight hairstyles to subtle waves or curls, flat irons offer endless styling possibilities.

Quick Styling

Flat irons allow for relatively quick and efficient styling, especially for those with naturally textured hair. The salon procedure can transform the hair's texture in a matter of minutes.

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Hair Solutions

Our services and prices are listed below.


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Hair colouring

Colouring / Toning DAVINES in single shade:

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Special colouring AirTouch Davines ALL INCLUSIVE:

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Correction of special colouring AirTouch Davines
Special colouring with toning DAVINES:

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1400 AED
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Hair Care

We provide the following services


We’ll make a haircut, absolutely any. The length and thickness of your hair doesn’t matter either.


In our beauty studio, we’ve created a dream team fully packed with top-tier professionals.

Curling iron

If you have straight hair, then you probably want to try beautiful feminine curls – and our curling iron salon is there for you to help!

Straight cut

A perfect haircut for straight hair can completely transform your appearance.


Hair ombre allows for a high degree of personalization. You can choose the colors that match your style and personality.


Hair keratin treatment in Dubai can transform the lool of your hair, making it pretty, healthy, and well-groomed.

If you want your hair to be straight and beautiful on your special day, then you need to try flat iron for your hair! Our specialists can make your natural hair shiny and flawless quickly without damaging your pretty hair. Get your perfect instagram look in our flat iron hair salon!

Why do ladies love using flat iron for their hair?

Ladies often love using flat irons on their hair for a variety of reasons, each rooted in the desire to get a specific look or address their individual hair needs. Here’s why many ladies enjoy using convenient flat irons to style their hair.

Temporary Transformation

Using a flat iron offers a temporary hair transformation. Ladies can enjoy the benefits of straight hair without committing to a permanent change through chemical treatments.

Managing Frizz and Flyaways

Flat irons for hair can help tame frizz and flyaways, providing a smooth and controlled look. This is especially appealing for those with naturally frizzy or unruly hair.

Special Occasions

For special events or occasions, flat ironing hair can provide a polished and put-together appearance that complements formal attire.

Enhancing Hair Health

Some women find that using a flat iron to make their hair straight can make it easier to style. It can also help to create the illusion of healthy-looking glossy hair by minimizing the appearance of split ends and various types of damage.

Adaptable for every Hair Type

Flat irons are perfectly suitable for hair of all types, from naturally straight to coily. This universality makes them a popular tool for ladies with various hair textures.

Temperature Control

High-quality flat irons often come with various temperature settings, which means women can tailor the heat to their hair type and minimize potential heat damage.

Low Maintenance Styles

Straightened hair can be relatively low maintenance, requiring fewer touch-ups throughout the day compared to some other hairstyles.

Why asking for a professional’s help?

Using a flat iron on clients’ hair in a salon setting serves multiple purposes and offers a range of styling options. Here’s why flat ironing for hair is commonly utilized in salons:

Special Occasions

For special events like weddings, parties, or formal occasions, clients often request polished hairstyles. Flat ironing your hair can create elegant and refined looks that are perfect for such occasions.

Corrective Styling

Flat irons can be used to correct minor styling imperfections or inconsistencies, ensuring that a client’s hair looks even and well-balanced.

Transitioning Styles

When transitioning from a curly or wavy style to a straight one, a flat iron can help achieve a seamless and uniform look.

Express Services

Flat ironing can be a relatively quick service that provides clients with a transformative change in a short amount of time. This makes it suitable for busy individuals seeking a quick style update. Also, the price of flat iron procedure isn’t that high!


Flat irons allow hairstylists to customize the settings and manipulate the level of straightness, wave, or curl in the hair according to the client’s preferences. This personalization ensures that clients leave the salon with a look that suits their individual style.

Hair Health

When used correctly and with the appropriate heat protectant products, flat irons can minimize the damage and create the illusion of healthy and glossy hair.

Client Satisfaction

Many clients appreciate the instant gratification that comes with visiting flat iron hair salons. They can see the results immediately, leading to high levels of client satisfaction.

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