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Natural Look

Gel tips are favored for their ability to provide a natural look. Unlike some other nail enhancements, they don't look overly artificial. People often appreciate that it seems like their nails have naturally grown longer and stronger.

Versatility in Design

Gel nail tips come in various shapes and sizes, allowing for a high level of customization. This flexibility enables individuals to choose designs that perfectly match their style and preferences, whether it's a classic French tip, stiletto shape, or any other creative design.


Gel tips are great because of their durability. They are way less likely to get damaged regular polish, making them a practical choice for those with an active lifestyle or those who want a reliable manicure.

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Nail Care

We provide the following services


In our beauty studio, you can get your perfect French manicure done by top-tier specialists.

Gel and ombre

Ombre creates a smooth transition of colors from one to another. This gradient effect gives a subtle and sophisticated look that's not too flashy but still catches the eye.

Gel polish

Gel nail polish boasts remarkable resilience, comfortably outlasting regular polish without the unsightly chips, or fading.

Nail polish

For special events or occasions, such as weddings, parties, or photoshoots, a salon visit ensures that your nails look flawless and well-coordinated with your overall look.

Acrylic nails

Acrylic nails are renowned for their tenacity and robustness. Unlike their natural counterparts, they evade brittleness and chips, affording enduring elegance.

Nail design

For special events or occasions, such as weddings, parties, or photoshoots, a salon visit ensures that your nails look flawless and well-coordinated with your overall look.

If you love nail extensions but don’t want to spend lots of time at salons to get them done, then you might like gel tips! They look realistic and pretty, and they are way faster to apply – especially if it’s done by our salon professionals!

Why are they so popular?

Lots of ladies these days choose nail tips over more “traditional” nail extensions, and there are a few reasons for that.

Protective Barrier

Gel tips act as a protective barrier for your natural nails. This added layer shields them from external dangers that can lead to breakage, such as excessive moisture or everyday wear and tear.

Low Maintenance

Gel nails tips require relatively less maintenance. They usually don’t need regular touch-ups, saving you time and effort.


Gel tips tend to have a longer lifespan than traditional polish. A well-applied gel tip manicure can last for several weeks, allowing you to enjoy your manicure for a long time without worrying about frequent touch-ups.

Hygienic Benefits

Gel nails tips can be more hygienic than some other nail extensions because they are typically easier to keep fresh and nice. This also makes it easier to maintain healthy nails and reduce the risk of infections.

Nail Health Improvement

When applied correctly, gel nail tips can actually promote the health of your own nails. The protective layer can prevent them from breaking and splitting, which can lead to healthier and stronger nails over time.

Perfect for Nail Art

The smooth surface of gel tips provides an ideal canvas for intricate nail art designs. Nail technicians can work on this smooth surface more easily, allowing for a greater range of creativity in nail art.

Reduced Chemical Exposure

Gel tip treatments often involve fewer harmful chemicals compared to some other nail enhancements. This can be reassuring for individuals who are concerned about minimizing their exposure to potentially harmful substances.

Get your gel nail tips done by our professionals!

If you want your manicure to look absolutely gorgeous, then you need to get it done by a skilled professional. Here’s why you should visit our nail salon!

Hygiene and Sanitization

Salons maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene. They use clean, sanitized tools and follow strict hygiene practices to reduce the risk of infections or other nail problems. This means you can have peace of mind about the safety of your manicure.

Quality Products

Salons typically use top-quality gel nail products. These products are designed to be long-lasting and provide a smooth, even finish. When you get a gel tips manicure at a salon, you’re more likely to have a manicure that not only looks beautiful but also endures everyday activities without chipping or peeling.

Nail Health Care

Salon professionals not only focus on making your manicures look great but also on preserving the health of your own nails. They can make sure that they remain strong and undamaged during the gel tips procedures. This care helps in maintaining the overall health of your hands.

Skill and Creativity

Nail specialists at salons have the skill and creativity to offer plenty of options. If you’re interested in nail art or unique designs, they can bring your ideas to life. Their expertise allows for intricate and customized designs that can be challenging to achieve on your own.


Professionally applied gel nail tips tend to last longer than DIY attempts. When done at a salon, you can expect your manicure to stay in great shape for a few weeks, no frequent touch-ups needed.

In summary, our salon provides a better option for gel nails tips due to our professional expertise, use of quality products, focus on nail health, and the ability to create intricate designs. We make our clients happy!

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