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Hair loss can destroy your confidence

Lots of studies and research proves that hair loss is clearly one of the scariest things for young guys. It’s even worse for those guys who know that balding is an inevitable part of their family genetics, so they feel like they’re doomed. Hair loss can have a significant impact on men's self-esteem for a few simple reasons.

Appearance Change

Our hair is a noticeable part of our overall appearance. Losing it can alter the way we look, which, in turn, can affect how we feel about ourselves. Many men associate a full head of hair with a youthful and attractive appearance. When they start losing hair, they might actually feel that they no longer look as good as they used to.

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Men look better with hair – this statement needs no proof. Even if some guys manage to look great with their heads shaved, this hairstyle doesn’t look great on everyone – and that’s why it’s better to save your hair when it’s not too late.

While lots of guys are convinced that they can do nothing to beat their genetics, it’s not actually true. Newest hair loss treatment can effectively slow down the process, and sometimes even turn it back – it all depends on reasons why it’s happening to you.

If you feel like your fight isn’t finished yet, and you still resist shaving your head, then we are ready to fight for you. In our salon, we have a team of specialists who know exactly what you might actually need to keep your hair. With our experience, you still have a chance to win this fight!


A full head of hair is often associated with youthfulness. Hair loss can make men feel like they are aging, and this can also affect how they perceive themselves. It can be a reminder of the passage of time, which can be challenging for some.

Society’s Beauty Standards

Society often places a strong emphasis on specific beauty standards. In many cultures, having a thick head of hair is considered attractive. When men experience hair loss, they may feel like they don’t meet these beauty standards, which can impact their self-esteem.


We all have an image of ourselves in our minds. This image is closely tied to our self-esteem. When hair loss changes that image – when men see themselves with less hair than before – it can lead to a negative impact on self-esteem.

Social Pressure

Men might feel social pressure from various sources, including friends, family, or society in general, to maintain a certain appearance. This pressure can make them feel like they’re falling short of expectations if they experience hair loss.

Personal Confidence

Feeling good about your looks plays a significant role in personal confidence. When hair loss affects that appearance, it can also affect self-confidence. Many men derive confidence from feeling attractive and youthful, and hair loss can challenge these feelings.

In summary, hair loss can have a profound impact on men’s self-esteem because it can change their looks, affect how they feel about themselves, and make them question how they are perceived by others. It touches on deeply ingrained ideas about beauty, aging, and societal expectations, all of which can have a powerful influence on self-esteem.

Why it happens?

Most guys see balding as something irreversible, or even something you can’t escape. It happens because men are genetically prone to balding, and it happens to lots of them. Meanwhile, genes aren’t the only reason why you are rapidly balding. Hair loss in guys can happen for a few main reasons.


In some cases, hair loss is in your genes. If your family tree has a long history of baldness, you’re more likely to get it too.


Hormones, like testosterone, can play a role. As men get older, their hair follicles can be sensitive to these hormones, which can lead to hair loss.


Hair naturally thins as men get older. It’s a common part of aging, and it happens to both males and females.

Health Conditions

Certain health issues, like thyroid problems or even scalp infections, can cause severe hair loss. In that scenario, hair loss can be pretty much reversible – and that’s why you need specialists to check you.


Some medications can also lead to significant hair loss as a bad side effect. It’s important to talk to a specialist if you suspect this.


Stress can also contribute to your hair loss, although it’s usually temporary. Reducing your triggers for stress can also help your hair grow back.

Remember, not all hair loss is preventable, but there are plenty of treatments available if you’re concerned about it. It’s a good idea to talk to a healthcare specialist for advice if you’re experiencing significant hair loss.

Why is it better to start earlier?

Just like most health conditions, it’s better to fight balding earlier than later. Guys often choose to deny the truth when it comes to balding, only to realize that they’ve already wasted the precious time when it was easier to treat.

If you want to slow down, stop, or even turn back your hair fall, then there’s no time to waste. Starting hair loss treatment earlier is better for a few reasons.


When you begin early, you can often save more of the hair you still have. The methods are usually more effective at slowing down or stopping further hair loss rather than completely regrowing lost hair.

Easier to Manage

Managing the issue when you have more hair left is normally less complicated. You can use treatments like medications or therapies to keep the existing hair, making it less likely that you’ll need more extensive treatments later.

Regrowth Potential

In the early stages of hair loss, some hair fall treatments have a better chance of helping you regrow hair. If you wait until you’ve lost a lot of hair, these treatments might not be as effective in regrowth.

Improved Self-Esteem

Hair loss can completely ruin self-esteem and also confidence. By addressing it early, you can maintain your appearance well and feel much better about yourself, which can have a giant positive impact on your well-being.

Slower Progression

Early hair fall treatment can slow down the progression of baldness. This means you can keep more of your hair for a longer time, and the change may be less noticeable to others.


Treating hair loss early can be more cost-effective. It often requires less time and resources to maintain the hair you have than to regrow what’s already gone.

In summary, addressing hair loss at an early stage can offer you a better chance to preserve and regrow your hair, easier management, and improved self-esteem. If you’re concerned about hair loss, it’s a good idea to consult a healthcare guru to discuss the best suitable treatment options.

How modern treatments were created

The best hair fall treatments in Dubai have evolved through a multi-step process involving scientific research, clinical trials, and technological advancements. Here’s a more detailed explanation of how they were created:

Research and Understanding

The foundation of modern hair fall treatments lies in extensive scientific research. Scientists and medical professionals have been studying the mechanisms of baldness for decades. They’ve delved into understanding the root causes, which often involve genetic factors, hormonal and nutrition imbalances, and environmental influences.

Identifying Causes

Through this research, experts have identified key factors contributing to baldness. For instance, they’ve discovered that dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone, plays a significant role in MPB. This understanding has paved the way for targeted treatments.

Clinical Trials

To develop effective treatments, researchers conduct clinical trials. In these experiments, they test various methods, medications, and therapies to determine their safety and effectiveness in treating hair loss. These trials often involve a large number of participants and can take several years.

This issue was always present

Ancient Remedies

Dating back to ancient civilizations, people have sought solutions for baldness. Early remedies included the use of herbal concoctions, oils, and even concoctions made from animal fat. These treatments were rooted in tradition and folklore, lacking a scientific basis.

Wig Craze

In the 16th century, wigs became fashionable in European societies. These wigs were crafted from human or animal hair and provided a way for individuals with hair loss to conceal their condition and achieve fashionable looks.

Early Medical Efforts

The 18th and 19th centuries saw the emergence of early medical treatments for this problem. These treatments often included topical lotions and concoctions. However, their effectiveness was limited, and scientific understanding of hair loss remained rudimentary.


The 20th century brought a significant development in baldness treatment with the introduction of follicle transplants. This surgical method involved relocating hair follicles from the unaffected part of the body to another, like from the back of the head to the damaged areas.


In the late 20th century, medications specifically designed to address hair loss emerged. Notable examples include minoxidil and finasteride. Interestingly, these medications were initially developed for unrelated medical conditions but were found to have beneficial effects on hair growth.

Advancements in Laser Therapy

More recently, low-level laser therapy has gained popularity as a non-invasive solution for hair loss. LLLT uses specific low-level lasers or light-emitting diodes to strengthen follicles and renew hair growth.

Personalized Approaches

Modern methods to baldness treatment consider the individual nature of each case. They aim to tailor methods to address the specific reason and type of the problem that a male patient is experiencing. This personalized approach has become a hallmark of contemporary hair loss treatment.

Why you should try hair loss treatment in Dubai

If you feel like you’re not ready for shaving your head and want to fight your hair fall back, then there’s no better place for you than UAE. While hair loss treatment costs in Dubai can be quite high, it’s worth it – you can’t find such great specialists anywhere in the world. Dubai is known for offering some of the best hair loss treatments for a variety of reasons.

Medical Expertise

Dubai boasts a highly skilled and diverse pool of medical professionals who specialize in hair fall treatment in Dubai. These experts are often trained in some of the world’s leading institutions and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field.

Advanced Technology

The city is equipped with brand-new medical facilities and advanced technology, making it possible to provide a mind-blowing range of cutting-edge treatment options. These can include surgical procedures, laser therapies, and specialized medications that have been shown to be highly effective in addressing different types of the problem.

Diverse Population

Dubai’s multicultural environment means that medical professionals have huge experience in treating patients from various backgrounds with different hair types and conditions. This diversity offers valuable insights into finding a magic key to every unique case.

Luxurious Clinics

Dubai is home to luxurious and well-equipped clinics that provide a high level of comfort and service to patients. These clinics often prioritize a comfortable and relaxing environment for those seeking hair loss treatment in Dubai.

Privacy and Discretion

Dubai places a strong emphasis on respecting patients’ privacy and maintaining confidentiality. This can be so important for individuals who wish to keep their hair loss treatment in UAE discreet.

Customized Treatment Plans

Clinics in Dubai often focus on providing personalized treatment plans. They consider each patient’s unique circumstances, including the cause and extent of hair loss, to develop tailored solutions for the best possible outcomes.

Ongoing Research

Dubai is actively involved in hair loss research, which means that patients have access to the latest developments and breakthroughs in the field.

It’s time to start your treatment now!

If you prefer yourself having hair, then it’s time to act. Contact us, so our professionals can find the reason for your hair fall and help you keep your hair, or even grow it back. Remember – not everyone loses hair irreversibly!

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