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Gentle and Light

Babylights create a gentle and light touch in your hair. Imagine the soft, subtle highlights you might see in a child's hair – they're delicate, light, and look like they've been touched by the sun. Babylights want to mimic this effect, giving your hair a natural look.

Enhanced Texture

Babylights work wonders for your hair by giving it more texture and layers. They achieve this by creating the illusion of different shades and dimensions in your hair. The delicate streaks of color blend seamlessly with your natural hair color, resulting in a gorgeous mixture of hues. This adds fullness and thickness to your hair, while also creating a beautiful flow and depth.

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If you want to change your appearance a bit, but prefer natural-looking, subtle options, then try babylights! This hair coloring method is extremely popular and looks good on everyone. Moreover, our salon specialists know how to do it perfectly!

What Are Babylights?

Lots of ladies have already heard about this hair dying technique. But what are babylights?

Fine Strands

Babylights are made by gently adding super thin streaks of color all over your hair. These streaks are much thinner than regular highlights, so they’re very subtle. This makes the color blend in really nicely with your natural hair, giving you a soft and natural look.

Easy to Keep Up

Babylights are great because they’re easy to keep up with. They mix seamlessly with your natural hair color, so you don’t need to go to the salon a lot for touch-ups. As they grow out, they just blend into your roots, so you don’t see any lines where your hair color changes. This means you can spend less time at the salon and more time enjoying your lovely hair!

How It Was Created

Like every hair coloring technique, babylights were invented by stylists and hairdressers to improve hair coloring methods while still keeping the natural hair look amazing. Here’s how this method became popular.

Inspiration from Children’s Hair

Babylights were inspired by the soft, subtle highlights often seen in children’s hair. These highlights are usually delicate and natural-looking, giving the hair a sun-kissed appearance. Hairstylists and colorists noticed this beautiful effect and wanted to recreate it for adults who desired a similar look.

Fine Strands Technique

To get the gentle and understated look of babylights, hairstylists began using a special technique with super thin strands of color. Instead of coloring big sections of hair, they switched to weaving these delicate strands of color all through the hair. This approach makes the highlights more subtle and blends them in better with the rest of your hair, giving a more detailed and seamless result.

Subtle Color Selection

The color selection for babylights is typically just a few shades lighter than the client’s natural hair color. This ensures that the highlights are soft and natural-looking, without appearing too stark or artificial. The goal is to enhance the client’s existing hair color rather than completely changing it.

Popularity among Various Demographics

Babylights have gained popularity among people of all ages and hair types. They are particularly favored by those who want a low-maintenance hair color option that adds dimension and brightness without the need for frequent touch-ups. Additionally, babylights are often chosen by individuals with fine hair, as the thin strands of color can create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.

Celebrity Endorsement

Babylights have also gained attention through celebrity endorsements and appearances. Many celebrities have embraced babylights for their natural and effortless appearance, further popularizing the trend among the general public.

Innovative Technique Development

Babylights came about as a new and creative way to color hair. Hairstylists and colorists wanted to find a technique that could make hair look softly highlighted. They tried out different methods until they perfected the babylights technique. It became really popular with people who wanted a subtle change in their hair color.

Adaptation in the Beauty Industry

As the beauty industry evolved, so did the techniques and trends in hair coloring. Babylights emerged as a response to the growing demand for hair color options that offered a balance between sophistication and naturalness. This technique filled a gap in the market, appealing to individuals who desired a subtle yet effective way to brighten and add dimension to their hair.

How It’s Done

If you’ve decided to try this technique, then you would probably like to know how our beauty gurus do it. Let’s look closely at the process!


The process begins with a consultation between you and the salon specialist. During this discussion, you’ll talk about your desired hair color babylights, the look you want to achieve, and any concerns or preferences you may have. This helps the specialist understand your goals and tailor the babylights to suit your needs.


Once the consultation is complete, the specialist will section your hair into small, manageable sections. This allows for more precise application of the babylights and ensures that they are evenly distributed throughout your hair.


Using a fine-toothed comb or a small brush, the specialist will carefully paint the selected color onto small sections of your hair. They will focus on weaving the color through your hair in a way that copies the natural highlights you’d see in children’s hair.

Processing Time

After applying the babylights, they need some time to work their magic. This lets the color sink into your hair and make the right shade. How long this takes can depend on things like your natural hair color and how light you want your hair to be. So, it’s like giving the color some time to settle in and do its thing!

Rinsing and Conditioning

After the processing time is complete, the specialist will rinse the color out of your hair using lukewarm water. They will then apply a conditioning treatment to nourish and hydrate your hair, helping to maintain its health and shine.


Once your hair is rinsed and conditioned, the specialist will proceed to style it according to your preferences. This may involve blow-drying, straightening, or curling your hair to achieve the desired look and enhance the appearance of the babylights.

Final Touches

Finally, the specialist will make any final adjustments to ensure that these unique highlights look seamless and natural. They may trim any stray hairs or make minor tweaks to the color placement to achieve the perfect result.

It’s Safer For Your Hair

The best thing about babylights is that they are significantly less damaging to your own hair. Here are a few reasons for that!

Fine Strands

Babylights are created using very fine strands of color, which means that less hair is coated with dye compared to other hair coloring techniques. This reduces the amount of chemical exposure your hair undergoes during the coloring process, resulting in less damage.

Subtle Color

The color used for babylights hair is often only a few shades lighter than your natural hair color. So, how long do babylights last? Because the change is subtle, it requires less lifting of the hair’s natural pigment. This minimizes the damage caused by harsh bleaching agents, which are often used in more dramatic hair coloring techniques. Moreover, it also means that you won’t have to repeat the procedure too often.

Lower Volume Developer

Babylights typically use a lower volume developer compared to other hair coloring methods. The developer is the chemical that helps the color penetrate the hair shaft. By using a lower volume developer, the hair is subjected to less chemical stress, reducing the risk of damage.

Less Processing Time

Time is important in hair dyeing, so how long do babylights take? Babylights hair usually requires less processing time compared to other hair coloring techniques. Because the color change is subtle, it doesn’t need to stay on the hair for as long. This reduces the amount of time your hair is exposed to potentially damaging chemicals, resulting in less damage overall.

Gentle Application

Babylights are put on with careful attention to detail. The color is painted onto small bits of hair, making sure not to overlap too much. This way, only a little bit of hair gets colored at once, which helps avoid using too much color and causing damage to the hair.

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