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Balanced Formulas

Davines invests heavily in research to create well-balanced formulas. They consider factors like pH levels, ensuring that their products maintain the health of your hair and scalp, rather than causing damage or imbalance.

Customizable Solutions

Davines hair treatment offers a wide range of products, allowing for customization. Whether you need intense hydration, color protection, or texture enhancement, there's a product designed to meet your specific needs.

Innovative Ingredients

The brand often incorporates innovative, science-backed ingredients in their products. This can lead to improved performance and results that may not be achievable with more conventional alternatives.

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Hair Solutions

Our services and prices are listed below.


new client 220 AED

285 AED

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300 AED

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Hair colouring

Colouring / Toning DAVINES in single shade:

new client 270 AED

350 AED

new client 400 AED

520 AED

new client 520 AED

670 AED
Special colouring AirTouch Davines ALL INCLUSIVE:

new client 1290 AED

1520 AED

new client 1650 AED

1940 AED
Correction of special colouring AirTouch Davines
Special colouring with toning DAVINES:

new client 640 AED

820 AED

new client 830 AED

1100 AED

new client 1100 AED

1400 AED
735 AED
Hair *Add-ons

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Hair Care

We provide the following services


We’ll make a haircut, absolutely any. The length and thickness of your hair doesn’t matter either.


In our beauty studio, we’ve created a dream team fully packed with top-tier professionals.

Curling iron

If you have straight hair, then you probably want to try beautiful feminine curls – and our curling iron salon is there for you to help!

Straight cut

A perfect haircut for straight hair can completely transform your appearance.


Hair ombre allows for a high degree of personalization. You can choose the colors that match your style and personality.


Hair keratin treatment in Dubai can transform the lool of your hair, making it pretty, healthy, and well-groomed.

When taking care of different types of hair, it’s vital to choose the best treatment that can heal, shield, and maintain it. That’s why our salon professionals use Davines – a popular brand that can make our clients shine!

Davines treatment is simply better

So, what does Davines have that others don’t?

Ethical Practices

Davines is known for its commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. Their products are cruelty-free, and the company is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint. Choosing Davines can align with consumers who prioritize ethical consumption.

Artistic Collaboration

Davines collaborates with hairstylists and artists worldwide. These collaborations result in unique and trend-setting products that can set you apart in the world of hairstyling.

Texture and Touch

Davines products are designed not only for visual appeal but also for how your hair feels. The tactile experience, such as the smoothness of your hair after using their treatments, can be a significant factor in choosing their products.

Hair Health Focus

Davines focuses on long-term hair health rather than just short-term visual effects. Their treatments aim to improve the overall quality of your hair, making it more resilient and vibrant over time.

Treatments that are worth your attention

Whether you want to try Davines reconstructive treatment in our salon, or simply love professionals taking care of your beautiful hair, we got you! Our beauty studio uses the best treatments to make our clients shine.

NOUNOU Nourishing Hair Mask

This Davines hair treatment is beloved because it’s like a drink of water for thirsty hair. It’s particularly popular because it goes the extra mile in deeply moisturizing and repairing hair. The result is hair that feels incredibly soft and healthy, making it a top choice for those seeking intense hydration.

DEDE Hair Mist

What sets this product apart is its ability to gently detangle and hydrate fine or delicate hair without making it heavy or greasy. It’s a favorite for those who want to keep their hair lightweight and easy to manage.

MELU Hair Shield

This treatment is unique because it acts as a protective shield for long or fragile hair. It’s the go-to choice for those who want to safeguard their hair from the damaging effects of heat styling, which is important for maintaining the health and longevity of their hair.

MINU Hair Mask

It’s popular because it’s specifically tailored to maintain the vibrancy of colored hair. Many people invest in hair color, and this mask helps to lock in that color, ensuring it looks fresh and beautiful for a longer time.

LOVE Curl Enhancing Conditioner

What makes this conditioner stand out is its ability to define and enhance natural curls. It’s a hit among those with curly hair who want to enjoy well-defined, frizz-free curls that make a statement.

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