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Experience and Skill

Makeup artists have lots of practice and know all the tricks to make you look mind-blowing. They understand how to enhance your features in a way that might be hard to do on your own.

Special Techniques

They have special techniques for making your fashionable makeup stay on longer and look great in photos. These are things you might not know if you're not a makeup pro.

Right Products

Makeup artists use high-quality products that are made to last. They know which ones work best for different skin types and tones.

Customized to You

They take the time to understand your preferences and what will look good on you. They can create a look that perfectly captures your style and makes you feel pretty.

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Beauty Care

We provide the following services

Eyebrow shaping

We will hold a consultation and decide on what you want to get and your ideal form

Eyebrow bleaching

We will hold a consultation and determine what you want to get and your ideal color

Makeup Services

Our talented team of specialists specializes in creating stunning looks for every occasion.

Bridal makeup

To get your flawless bridal makeup in Dubai, you need to visit IT'sBeauty salon

Eyelash lamination

Lamination of eyelashes is a service that gives a beautiful bend to natural eyelashes, moisturizes, saturates them.

Eyebrow lamination

Eyebrow lamination is a service that allows you to give your eyebrows the desired shape for a long time.

When creating beautiful, inspirational looks, you need to use proper techniques to achieve fine and smooth makeup application. That’s the only way you can make it look amazing both in real life and in pictures, and that’s how you can easily make your makeup actually work for you. Beauty gurus learn how to wield this magic for years by practice, looking through makeup apps and magazines for inspiration and advice. That’s how you can achieve perfection!

In our beauty salon, you can get your makeup done as great as the ones you can see in makeup apps. Our team of beauty gurus is qualified and experienced enough to make you be like the finest, the most flawless version of you.

Beauty gurus do it better

You don’t need to use any makeup apps to recognize a high-quality look. When it’s done professionally, it shows – and that’s why you need to visit a specialist to look like a movie star.

Relax and Enjoy

When a beauty guru is doing your makeup, you can just relax and enjoy the process. It’s a little bit like getting pampered, which can be a nice break, especially on special occasions.

So, having a professional do your makeup is like having a real artist who knows all the secrets for your makeover. It’s a treat that can make you extra special!

It took time to evolve

Before modern makeup apps, people had to create and master their techniques and methods manually – so it took lots of time and effort. Here’s how it evolved over centuries.

Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Egyptians, for example, used makeup made from natural items like minerals and plant extracts. They employed kohl to line their eyes, while Greeks and Romans used white lead for powder and various pigments to enhance their features. These early practices laid the groundwork for later developments.

Early 20th Century

The early 1900s saw significant changes in makeup due to advancements in the film industry. Makeup artists like Max Factor and George Westmore played key roles in creating makeup that could withstand the intense lighting used in early cinema. Pancake makeup, false eyelashes, and methods like contouring became prominent during this era.

1930s and 1940s

The 1930s brought a shift towards more refined and elegant makeup looks. Thin, highly arched eyebrows and matte lipstick were popular. During World War II, makeup became more practical and economical, reflecting the wartime austerity.


The 1950s marked a return to glamour. Iconic figures like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn popularized red lipstick, winged eyeliner, and the cat-eye look. This decade also saw the advent of liquid foundation.

1960s and 1970s

The ’60s and ’70s ushered in bold and revolutionary makeup trends. Figures like Twiggy and makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin introduced the mod eye with defined lashes. Contouring and highlighting techniques gained traction during this period.


The ’80s were characterized by vibrant and daring makeup styles. Bright eyeshadows, bold lip colors, and dramatic blush application were in vogue. The era was marked by experimentation with color and creative expression.

1990s to Early 2000s

In the ’90s, makeup trends shifted towards a more natural look, popularized by figures like Jennifer Aniston and models like Kate Moss. This trend continued into the early 2000s. Makeup artists like Bobbi Brown and François Nars emphasized enhancing one’s natural beauty rather than bold transformations.

YouTube and Social Media

The 21st century witnessed a makeup revolution with the rise of YouTube and social media platforms. Makeup artists and enthusiasts globally began sharing tutorials, tips, and trends. This democratized makeup artistry and allowed individuals to learn and experiment with various techniques.

Product and Tool Advancements

Innovations in makeup products and tools have significantly influenced modern techniques. High-quality foundations, contouring kits, eyeshadows, and makeup brushes have made it easier to achieve precise and long-lasting results. Beauty brands have also introduced a wide range of shades to cater to diverse skin tones.

Today, makeup application techniques continue to evolve, influenced by a plethora of sources, from fashion runways to pop culture icons. Modern techniques reflect not only evolving beauty standards but also individuality, creativity, and self-expression. The makeup world remains dynamic and inclusive, embracing a wide spectrum of styles and looks.

That’s why precise application actually matters

To make you look like you’re straight from the makeup app, you need to use precise and careful application. That’s why it matters so much.

Natural is beautiful

Precise makeup application is like an artist’s delicate brushwork on a canvas. It highlights your original natural beauty by accentuating your best unique features. This means making your eyes look slightly bigger and also brighter, your skin appear smoother, and your lips more appealing. It’s all about emphasizing your strong points.

Concealing Imperfections

We all have little imperfections, like blemishes or uneven skin tone. Precise makeup acts like a secret agent, skillfully concealing these imperfections. It’s like a magic wand that camouflages what you don’t want to show.

Long-Lasting Results

When your makeup is applied with precision, it tends to stay put. This means you don’t have to keep checking or touching up your makeup during the day. It’s like having makeup that can withstand all the challenges of the day.

Picture-Perfect Appearance

Precise makeup is designed not just for real life but also for the camera. It guarantees that your features stand out and look balanced, which is crucial for photographs. This means you’ll look stunning not only in person but also in all those cherished pictures.

Personalized to Your Style

Makeup is a bit like fashion. It should match your style. A skilled beauty artist tailors the makeup to your personality and likes. They take time to understand your unique aesthetics, so you feel unmatched and confident in the look they create.

In summary, precise makeup application is like a fine-tuned art form that aims to magnify your natural beauty while concealing flaws. It’s like a long-lasting, picture-perfect transformation that’s all about you and your style.

Popular techniques you can enjoy in our salon

When using any popular makeup app, you can see the most popular makeup trends and techniques. These are the methods that modern ladies love the most.

Contouring and Highlighting

This is like using light and shadow to magically sculpt your pretty face. Darker makeup is typically applied to areas you want to appear smaller, like under your cheekbones, while lighter makeup is used on areas you want to highlight, like the tops of your cheekbones. It helps easily define and enhance your unique facial features.

Smoky Eye

This is a technique where darker eyeshadows are blended around your eyes, giving a smudged, smoky effect. It’s great for creating a dramatic and alluring look.

Eyeliner Styles

Eyeliner is typically used to define your beautiful eyes. Different styles like winged eyeliner (where the line extends past the outer corner of the eye) or tightlining (lining the upper waterline) can create various effects, from a classic look to something more bold and striking.


This isn’t about cookies! Baking in makeup involves applying a generous amount of translucent powder to ‘set’ or ‘bake’ your makeup. It helps it last so much longer and also gives a smooth, fine finish.


This is like turning up your skin’s natural glow. A shimmery highlighter is added to the higher points of your face like your cheekbones, brow bone, and down the bridge of the nose. It gives a fresh, radiant look.

Remember, these techniques are like tools in a makeup artist’s kit, used to create different looks based on what you prefer. It’s all about enhancing your natural beauty and expressing yourself in a way that makes you feel great!

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