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What we will do:

 1) We will hold a consultation and determine what you want to get and your ideal color 

2) Perform the coloring of the eyebrows with one of the 5 colors or henna 

3) Tell how to care for the eyebrows at home after the service to the result remained as long as possible with how often you should repeat the service for permanent appearance of your eyebrows We recommend to repeat this service at least once every 2-3 weeks 

*at your additional request master can held allergy test in advance

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Получите скидку до 50% на услуги красоты в салоне IT'sBeauty.

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If you’re tired of using eyebrow makeup every day, then try eyebrow coloring – one of the easiest ways to brighten your natural beauty and highlighting your prettiest facial features. With the help of our professional beauty gurus, you can achieve the desired results – whether it’s darker and more dramatic eyebrows, or blonde and natural-looking.

Popular eyebrow dying trends

Eyebrow coloring trends have evolved over the years, influenced by fashion, beauty standards, and celebrity looks. These trends often focus on enhancing the brows’ appearance, creating balance with the overall facial features, and adding a unique touch of style. Here are some popular eyebrow coloring trends that have emerged:

Natural Definition

One enduring trend is achieving a naturally defined look. This involves using eyebrow products that almost match your hair color closely (it’s usually a bit lighter or darker) to fill in and define your brows. It can slightly highlight your beauty without changing it a lot.

Soft Ombré Brows

Inspired by the hair coloring technique, soft ombré brows involve creating a gradual, soft transition from a lighter shade at the beginning of the brow to a slightly darker shade towards the tail. This beauty procedure adds color and depth to the brows for a soft and elegant look.

Brow Lamination Look

The brow lamination trend has influenced eyebrow coloring as well. People are using eyebrow products to mimic the brushed-up, feathery look achieved with brow lamination. This trend creates a natural yet groomed appearance.

Bold Colored Brows

For those seeking a more daring and expressive look, bold colored brows have gained traction. This trend involves using colorful eyebrow products, such as gels or pencils, to create vibrant and eye-catching brows in shades like pink, blue, or purple.

Textured and Feathered Brows

Textured and feathered brows aim to achieve a soft and natural appearance with individual hair-like strokes. Brow pencils or powders are used to mimic the appearance of real brow hairs, creating a full yet effortless look.

Brow Tinting

Brow tinting, which typically involves applying a semi-permanent dye to the clients’ brows, has become trendy. It enhances the brows’ color, adds definition, and reduces the need for daily makeup application.

Soap Brows

The soap brow trend involves using a clear soap or brow soap product to brush the eyebrows upward, creating a feathery and lifted look. This trend has gained popularity for its ability to achieve a natural yet polished appearance.

Monochromatic Makeup

Coordinating your brow color with your eye makeup or lip color is a monochromatic trend that creates a cohesive and harmonious makeup look. It ties the entire face together and can result in a striking and polished effect.

Bleached Brows

As mentioned earlier, bleached brows are a trend that involves lightening the color of the eyebrows. This can create a bold contrast with the natural hair color and is often seen in high-fashion and editorial looks.

Undone and Effortless Brows

Embracing a more natural and undone look, this trend involves minimal grooming and a less structured appearance. It’s about allowing the brows to have a slightly wild and carefree quality.

Benefits of eyebrow tint

Brow tint has gained its worldwide popularity as a sought-after beauty treatment due to its ability to gently enhance the appearance of eyebrows in a natural and impactful way. This beauty method involves applying a special semi-permanent dye to the eyebrows, resulting in darker and more defined brows. The popularity of eyebrow tinting can be attributed to several factors:

  • Enhanced Definition. Eyebrow tinting adds more depth, color, and definition to the eyebrows, making them look way fuller and more prominent. This can frame the eyes and enhance the overall facial features, contributing to a more polished and put-together look;

  • Time-Saving. Tinted eyebrows can easily eliminate the need for daily eyebrow makeup usage, saving time in the morning beauty routine. This convenience is particularly appealing for individuals with busy schedules;

  • Natural-Looking Results. When done by a professional, eyebrow tinting creates pretty believable and natural-looking results that mimic the aesthetics of naturally darkened eyebrows. This subtlety ensures that your brows don’t appear overly harsh or artificial;

  • Low Maintenance. Tinted eyebrows gradually fade over time, giving them a softer look as they lighten. This means that maintenance is less frequent compared to other grooming methods, such as daily pencil application or threading;

  • Customizable Shades. Brow tint allows individuals to choose the shade that best matches their hair color and complements their skin tone. This customization ensures a harmonious and balanced appearance;

  • Temporary and Non-Permanent. Unlike permanent eyebrow makeup techniques like microblading or tattooing, eyebrow tint offers semi-permanent results. This gives individuals the flexibility to adjust their brow color as trends change or as their preferences evolve;

  • Versatility in Style. Tinted eyebrows provide a versatile canvas for makeup experimentation. Individuals can play with different makeup looks, knowing that their tinted brows will provide a strong foundation;

  • Suitable for Various Brow Types. Whether you have sparse, light, or naturally dark brows, eyebrow tinting can benefit a variety of brow types. It can fill in gaps and create a more uniform appearance;

  • Subtle Aging Solution. As people age, eyebrow hair may naturally lighten. Tinting can help restore the appearance of youthful and fuller brows, making it a subtle anti-aging solution;

  • Boost in Confidence. Well-defined and professionally groomed eyebrows can boost self-confidence by framing the face and enhancing overall facial symmetry. Feeling confident and being proud of your gorgeous can positively impact your interactions and self-esteem;

  • Professional Application. Salon eyebrow tint procedure is often performed by trained beauty gurus who have experience in selecting the right shade and applying the dye correctly. This ensures that the results are consistent and tailored to your preferences.

Why it should be done by specialists

Eyebrow coloring, whether through tinting or other methods, should ideally be done by professionals to ensure safety, precision, and optimal results. While there are DIY eyebrow coloring products available, seeking the expertise of a trained and experienced eyebrow artist offers several important advantages. Here’s why eyebrow coloring should be done by professionals.

Expertise and Skill

Professional eyebrow artists have undergone training and have experience in color theory, application methods, and eyebrow anatomy. They understand how different colors interact with various skin tones and hair colors, providing a gentle, harmonious and natural-looking result.

Customized Color Selection

A professional can accurately understand your favorite aesthetics and style, and also natural colors of your appearance to select the most suitable eyebrow color. They can create a special shade that complements your face, skin, and type of beauty, and enhances the overall aesthetics of your look.

Precise Application

Professionals have the dexterity and precision required to apply the coloring product accurately and evenly. This reduces the risk of uneven or patchy results that can occur with DIY attempts.

Reduced Risk of Irritation

Eyebrow coloring products come into contact with the delicate skin around the eyes. Beauty gurus are trained to apply the products safely, minimizing the risk of irritation, allergic reactions, or other adverse effects.

Hygiene and Safety

Reputable eyebrow studios adhere to strict hygiene and safety practices. Professionals use sanitized tools and follow proper protocols to reduce the risk of contamination and infection.

Avoiding Over-Processing

Gurus understand the importance of timing during the coloring process. Over-processing can lead to overly dark or unnatural-looking results, which can be challenging to correct.

Correcting Mistakes

If a mistake occurs during the coloring process, a professional is equipped to address and rectify the issue effectively. Attempting to correct mistakes on your own can lead to further complications.

Optimal Product Selection

For salon eyebrow tint procedures, beauty gurus use high-quality, salon-grade products that are formulated specifically for eyebrow coloring. These products are less likely to cause damage or adverse reactions compared to some over-the-counter options.

Guidance on Aftercare

An experienced eyebrow artist can provide you with vital aftercare instructions to ensure the longevity of the coloring results. They can recommend products and practices that help maintain the vibrancy and overall beauty of your colored eyebrows.

Personalized Recommendations

In addition to coloring, a professional can offer personalized recommendations for shaping and styling your eyebrows to achieve your gorgeous fashion look. This holistic approach ensures that your brows are groomed and styled to perfection.

Confidence and Peace of Mind

Entrusting your eyebrow coloring to a professional provides real peace of mind. You can have confidence in their expertise and experience, knowing that they will deliver the desired results while prioritizing your safety and satisfaction.

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