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Straighten your hair permanently – our stylists are ready to transform you!

If you have textured hair, but want it to be completely straight and shiny, then try amazing permanent hair straightening in Dubai! It’s not that hard to achieve a long-lasting beauty look you’ve always dreamed of – just visit our beauty salon and change your appearance with the permanent hair straightening procedure.

Transforming your hair structure isn’t that hard anymore, and the permanent hair straightening price in Dubai isn’t high for the opportunity to look completely different. No frizz or unwanted waves – just Instagram-looking you’ve always dreamed of!

Modern permanent hair straightening is safe

Modern permanent hair straightening techniques have evolved significantly over the years, and many of them are considered safe when performed by trained professionals using appropriate products and techniques. Here’s why modern permanent hair straightening is generally considered safe:

Improved Formulations

Modern straightening products have advanced formulations that are designed to be gentler on the natural hair while still perfectly providing effective results. These formulations are often less harsh than older products, reducing the risk of excessive damage.

Professional Application

Permanent hair straightening should be done by trained and experienced hairstylists who know the proper technologies and safety measures. Our salon gurus have all the vital skills to work with your hair type, condition, and suitability for the procedure.

Pre-Treatment Assessment

Before undergoing permanent hair straightening, a consultation with an expert is usually conducted to check the condition of your natural locks and to determine if your hair can handle the treatment without significant damage.

Customized Treatments

Experienced stylists can tailor the procedure to your original hair type, its texture, and needs. This customization helps minimize any potential damage and also ensures that the procedure aligns with your hair’s unique characteristics.

Controlled Application

During the application process, the stylist gently applies the straightening product carefully, ensuring that it is distributed evenly and doesn’t overlap excessively. This controlled approach reduces the risk of overprocessing.

Heat Control

Heat is often used during the procedure to activate the straightening product. Modern tools have temperature controls that allow stylists to use the appropriate level of heat precisely for your hair texture, eliminating the risk of overheating.

Precise Hair Care

Stylists recommend specific aftercare routines and products to maintain the natural health and integrity of your natural hair after the salon procedure. Following these guidelines helps ensure your hair remains in good condition.

Monitoring Processing Time

Timing is crucial during permanent hair straightening. Our gurus closely monitor the processing time to prevent overexposure to the chemical solution, which can sometimes lead to damage.

Advancements in Technology

Modern permanent hair straightening procedures often incorporate advanced technology that minimizes the potential for damage. For example, some salons use keratin-based formulas that bond to the hair, providing a thin protective layer.

Client Education

Stylists typically educate clients about the procedure, its potential effects, and proper maintenance. This empowers clients to make well-informed decisions and take care of their hair effectively.

Patch Tests

Our salon conducts a patch test before performing permanent hair straightening in Dubai. This involves applying a small amount of the product to a discreet area of your hair to check for any adverse reactions.

How permanent straightening differs from regular straightening

Regular hair straightening and permanent hair straightening are two completely different ways to get straight hair, each with its own pros and cons. Here’s how they differ:

Regular Hair Straightening

The main tool of every temporary hair styling is always heat. This technique provides a short-time transformation, and the effects can last just until the next time you wash or wet your hair. Here’s what sets regular hair straightening apart:


Regular hair straightening relies on flat irons or special straightening brushes that use heat to change the hair’s natural texture.


The straightening achieved through this method is short-term, lasting until the hair is exposed to moisture, such as from washing.


Since it’s not permanent, you can switch between straight and natural textures based on your preference.

Heat Exposure

Frequent use of heat styling tools can cause damage over time, so using heat protectants and avoiding excessive heat is important.


Regular touch-ups are required to maintain the straightened look, especially if you frequently wash your hair.


You have the flexibility to experiment with various hairstyles, including reverting to your natural texture whenever you like.

Permanent Hair Straightening

Chemical hair straightening or hair relaxing is a way more long-lasting procedure that involves changing the hair’s structure to achieve straightness. Here’s how permanent procedure differs:


Permanent hair straightening typically involves the use of special chemical relaxers or keratin treatments that change the hair’s natural bonds to reshape its structure, so it looks straight.


The effects of permanent procedure can last for multiple months, depending on your unique hair growth speed and maintenance.

New Hair Structure

This method alters the hair’s composition, which is why the effects are more enduring compared to temporary methods.

Chemical Exposure

Permanent straightening involves exposure to chemicals, so it’s crucial to have this procedure done by a trained professional to minimize damage and ensure safety.

Limited Styling Flexibility

After permanent straightening, your hair will stay perfectly straight until it grows out or you cut it. It won’t become curly even when it’s wet, so you can swim or walk under the rain easily. It might limit your ability to switch between straight and curly styles.


While you won’t need regular touch-ups, you’ll still need to follow specific aftercare routines to keep the health and appearance of your straightened hair. It’s not that hard – our specialists will explain everything you might need to know to ensure you can maintain your new beautiful hair perfectly.

Transition Period

As your natural hair grows, the straightened hair will remain perfectly straight while new hair growth will have your natural texture. This can create a transition period that requires some styling adjustments.

In essence, regular procedure relies on various heat styling tools and only lasts until your next wash, offering flexibility and versatility. Meanwhile, permanent hair straightening uses modern chemicals that completely change the hair’s texture and give a longer-lasting straightened effect, but with less styling flexibility and different maintenance requirements.

Book an appointment and change your hair for the better!

We know how to transform your hair completely – our experienced beauty gurus have worked with different hair types, and our clients are always happy with their new hair. The procedure doesn’t take that long, and the permanent hair straightening price in UAE isn’t too high for a dreamy-looking hair either. We’ll make sure that your hair is healthy and beautiful, so you can just wake up looking like a movie star!

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